Aero-Smith Flight Center


Q - Isn't Flying dangerous? Those little planes crash all the time!
A - No! Nothing could be further from the truth! Flying is one of the safest modes of transportation available. You can do your part by maintaining your pilot proficiency, participating in safety seminars, and continually improving your knowledge and skill.

Q - Is Flight Training Difficult?

A- Not at all. With a good instructor and a quality syllabus, just about anyone can learn to fly. You don't need to know any advanced mathematics or physics to understand the basic concepts needed to fly an airplane. Choose a good instructor that is knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly,
friendly. He or she will guide you along every step of the way and will be a resource for you for years to come.

Q - I've heard a pilot's license is useless unless you own your own airplane.
A - While having your own airplane is a dream many pilots have, the vast majority rent. When you rent an airplane, the hourly rate usually includes everything you need like fuel, oil, insurance, etc. Plus, you only pay for the time that the engine is running. Reputable flight schools offer a variety of aircraft
that are maintained in good condition and available for pilots to rent. With your license, you can rent at anyone of the thousands of flight schools and FBO's around the country! Plus the advantage of renting aircraft is that you can experience a variety of aircraft types and designs.

Q - How do I become a Commercial Airline Pilot?
A - Fly! As much as you can, as often as you can. If you plan to make a career out of flying, investigate the multitude of opportunities that await you. There are thousands of commercial pilots that do not work for an airline. They are Flight Instructors, Air Taxi Pilots, Freight Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, Medical Transport Pilots, etc. They all start with getting a private pilot's license.

Q - I have a Medical Condition. Can I still fly?
A - Only an FAA approved Medical Examiner can answer questions about specific medical conditions. Your best bet is to locate your nearest AME, schedule your F M medical exam, and ask him/her your specific question.