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Aero-Smith Flight Center is located in Martinsburg, WV, in the Eastern Panhandle. Established more than ten years ago, Aero-Smith is still the only flight training institute at Martinsburg Airport, offering training from the basic Private Pilot Certificate right through to the Certified Flight Instructor Certificate.

Martinsburg airport is a fantastic place to learn to fly; it has an uncluttered Class D towered airspace and is outside of the Washington D.C. Air Defense and Identification Zone (DC ADIZ). In addition, the Air National Guard is moving ten Galaxy C5 transport aircraft to Martinsburg by summer 2007. A 20,000 square foot hanger for corporate aircraft is being built on the airport grounds, starting early 2007. This means that although you will fly with big aircraft in the airspace, any Air Traffic Control (ATC) delays will be minimized, due to the quiet nature of the area. In addition, Hagerstown, Winchester and Frederick airports are nearby, giving you the pilot the opportunity to fly to other airfields that are within a close proximity of home base.

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